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    Friendship, Love and Relationship, Marriages


    Embrace Self-Grow and Grow Together

  • About us

    Connect . People . Cultural . Mutual . Activities

    To cultures worldwide

    • Diversity acceptance, social inclusive, friendship
    • Human cultures develop "open" persons
    • 232 million international immigrants world wide
    • 40-90% immigrants make up the population of big cities
    • In Australia, 1 in 4 born overseas and 45% marriages that one or both born overseas
    • 61+ million immigrants living in U.S.A.
    • 5+ million international students mobility yearly
    • Cross-cultural friendship and relationship require more embraceable understanding.

    Two cultures genders

    • Man and woman are the two basic gender cultures
    • Family harmony, love and relationship, grow together
    • Men are from Mars, women from Venus.
    • Man and woman need to deal with each other's different gender cultures in love and relationship;
    • Married couples are 135% more likely to report a high happiness score than singles.
    • Single people are 5 times more likely to die of infectious disease
    • The rate of mortality is a whopping 250% higher among single men than it is among married men.

    To see things beyond visions

    • Self-grow, me and the world
    • Realism and distortion
    • Young and old
    • Past, present and future
    • Common and difference
    • Magnanimous or revenge
    • Trigger a shift of mindset
    • Dream v.s. achievement
    • Physical v.s. psychology
    • What I see you v.s. what you see me
    • Evolutionism v.s. Religion
    • It's the two sides of one coin,
    • Think out of the box

    To create renovated connection

    • Embrace differences and changes
    • Bring people of integrity together
    • Not about old or fashion, but to choose goodness 
    • For singles to experience a creative non-one-to-one lively and genuine dating pattern;
    • For couples to grow together in mature love and marriage
    • For who loves cultural discover and explore new things
    • For people who care about a better intimate love life.
    • For who loves connecting with people in social activities.
  • Hello, world! We are 2Cultures.

  • 2Cultures Meet-up

    connect and inspire


    Embrace people from multicultural background to get closer , to build genuine and lasting friendship in real life.


    We aim to deliver happiness, joy and trustiness to us all who attend the meet-up.


    Activities and games are designed in entertaining and funny atmosphere but can help you think deeper.


    We organise each meet up in small size (10-20) so people can get closer to know each other more in efficient ways.


    To join our meet up click here. or scroll down to find your local 2Cultures meet up in below sliding pages.


    2Cultures siblings family fund

    It is a transparently recorded fund for every cent we collect and spent.


    It is for:


    • Members have birthday in the same month to have group birthday party;
    • Festival or cultural celebration etc.
    • Charity donation nominated by us all;


    It is collected by:


    • Contribution, donations.
    • Credit redeem - see items below;
    • Gold coins from activities like our paired competition and "twin fate" games etc.


  • 2Cultures Genuine See Genuine Dating

    A Creative Dating Pattern


    People from varied cultural and educational backgrounds have diverse views toward love, relationship and marriage. This construct manifold perspectives on life.


    For example, in China, Iran, Egypt etc countries, because of the traditional cultures, in their languages, they have words for "boyfriend", "girlfriend", "husband" and "wife", but they don't have certain words for "partner", "de facto marriage". These words were only in law or became new words in recent decades.


    People have such background are more in trend of that they date in aim to get married, have a family, raise kids. The opposite attitude could be considered as "cheating", "immoral", "scumbag". In China, it is popular said: "Establishing a relationship but not aims at marriage is disrespectful. Original: "不以结婚为目的的谈恋爱都是耍流氓。"


    On the other hand, it is not defined in the same by other people or in other places. Nowadays, the world is more a mix-cultural world.


    We chose to follow certain cultural traditions in different logic angles that we agree with. Most of us don't have intention to hurt other people, it just way of we do things that we thought were correct. However it sometimes does annoy or hurt others even you are not doing that in purpose.


    For example, a person with a cultural background of "date for marriage" fell in love with someone who with a cultural background of "date for date" - who perhaps believe in love but not into marriage, then the drama, difficulties, struggles or strategy happen.


    Each of us has slightly different ways to understand and discover the world, to connect with our family, others and society, chosen lifestyles. It is called our "individual culture." In our different life stages, we may change or improve it stimulating by our personal experience and what we have learnt from or affected by.


    For example, 3 boys grew up in one same family in which their parents don't have a happy marriage. They could have 3 different lift paths. One could have very successful long lasting happy marriage; one could be end up with divorced many times; one could chose never go into a marriage situation.


    Even in people who chosen "date for marriage" lifestyle, they are still different. Some of them could be just curious or have an impulse, they jump in and out like take day tour. Some others they determined and also get themselves ready for it. They understand that life would be up and down at certain stage, they prepare well to grow together with their chosen partner.




    You are introduced to our most creative non-one-to-one lively and genuine dating pattern. It is part of our meet-up.


    You know each other better when both of you are in a social background meet-up. It is more sagacious ad efficient. At the site we help you dig out more of each other that in an one-to-one dating occasion couldn't do.


    We know people do exist who go meet up for picking girls or fishing boys. We don't want this happens in our meet-up.


    There’s nothing wrong that you expect to encounter your right one when you go to a meet-up.


    But it is wrong when you dim your intention.


    Everyone at their different life time has different life style. There is no Good or Bad. It is just about choice or opinion.


    But if you jump into a relationship only find you both chosen different life style (which you should have found earlier) - which is where the tragedy starts.


    Also people chose to stay in different life style at their different life time. Some people just like to stay in a single status for now and they don’t want to be disturbed.


    That’s why we have 2Cultures Genuine Dating campaign as part of our meetup which is the methodically resolution to help bring out the best of you.


    The only premise is that we are all people of integrity, genuine and honest. We clearly deliver our true intention.


    Please think twice with the condition that we have already provided the option to all members for clarifying why the still flirt you. Bear in mind that "I am shy" is the top excuse. Even the shyest girl joined and announced.


    As a Genuine Dating member you do an announcement in the meet up. Read more in Q&A. Click here to subscribe to our channel.


    We all hope to find someone who's not only on the same page, but also would like to grow together in a relationship.


    So, crystal clearly distinguished, we have 2 groups in our meet up:


    Couples and singles who are here for friendships, expand networks;

    Singles who are here for friendship and also genuinely looking for someone.


    Genuine members will be added into our private WeChat group and Facebook Room; will receive Genuine members only internal newsletter; will be able to PM city angel your idea matches.


    We designed ways for you to find out straight away if your matches also have crushes on you when you join our meetups. It avoid embarrassment keeping friendship.


    We appreciate you make our meet up better.

  • How do we organise

    know more about 2Cultures family

    Credit, video and newsletter

    They are our record and memories. Video is also a mirror for you to immediately realise your appearance, how do you present; do you want to improve it. By the end of the day, people do judge by cover.


    We have 3 types of newsletter:


    Genuine members internal newsletter;

    Credit members internal newsletter.

    Subscribed external newsletter.


    As mentioned earlier above, credit record is honour record of how members join our meet up. The "Credit members internal newsletter" is for our members who have good credit and meet up video records to provide internal reciprocity, free or friendly charged accommodation etc. For example, members in different cities can provide airport pick up etc.


    There's also a credit redeem option you can find below. People make mistakes and they can fix it.


    All members abide by our basic rules and meet-up discpline when come to our meet-up:


    If you R.S.V.P but didn’t show up, didn’t notice your absence by any means, you will get a bad credit record;


    - Small thing shows people's authentic personality -


    Only Genuine member can contact Genuine member for a date after they have attended at least 4 times meet-up. If you are not a Genuine member but break this rule, by reported by members you will get a bad credit record publicly in our group.


    To become a Genuine Dating member you must announce it in our meetup or send a video record of yourself announcement. Your must be legally single, genuine and keen, you are looking for serious relationship leading to marriage.


    As a Genuine Dating member you must have attention at least 4 times meetup before you can contact other one for one-to-one date. This is to make sure people know you more and vice versa.


    2Cultures Angels

    Your local 2Cultures angels are your hosts for local meet-up, your cupid assistant of matching in genuine dating campaign. See our current angels in 7 cities of 4 countries.


    Current available in below cities:

    Beijing, China

    Sydney, Australia

    Brisbane, Gold Coast, Australia

    Dallas, Allen, USA

    Tubingen, Germany



    Welcome University students major in event management, relationship consulting, game design, social cultures research etc to join us as city angel or to assist city angel as part-time or volunteers.


  • Q&A

    Connect with us or leave a message below for more enquiries

    How do I announce as Genuine Dating member?

    You can make announcement like below or use your own words. You can either do it when you present meetup or do your own.


    You must say: I announce I am 2Cultures Genuine Dating member and I abide by its rules and policies.


    Then choose below samples to make your intention or use your own words. You can either let your local meet up organiser (in 2Cultures we're called city Angels) know if you want this part publicly open or just publish in Genuine Members Newsletters.



    I am here looking for serious relationship leading to marriage.

    I am here looking for serious long term relationship but I never really dated before, I got a lot to learn.



    Can I join Genuine membership if there's no 2Cultures meet up yet in my city?

    Yes you can. You will get everything same as Genuine membership has. The only difference is you attend the invited Genuine meet up instead of to RSVP our local meet up. You can also "raise" a meet up idea to the city angel who looks after your city online, once it approves, you can invite max 8 who you have interest in to join the meet up.


    You also abide by the same rules.

  • Find meet-up in your city

    and meet your City Angels

    Flip slides below to find and join your local city's 2Cultures meet-up and see who's your city angle.

    Cannot find your city?


    If you are interested in becoming a 2Cultures City Angel in your city, welcome to leave us a message at below.

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    Allen, U.S.A

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    Tubingen, Germany

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    Beijing, China

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