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    Lasting Friendship and Genuine Love, Be inspired and Grow-together.

  • About 2C

    we are

    2 Gender Cultures - Man and woman in love

    • Men are from Mars, women from Venus.
    • Family harmony: find true love and grow together
    • Married couples are 135% more likely to report a high happiness score than singles.
    • Single people are 5 times more likely to die of infectious disease. The rate of mortality is a whopping 250% higher among single men than it is among married men.

    To cross cultural friendship

    • Embraceable understanding, diversity acceptance.
    • Human cultures develop "open" persons
    • 232 million international immigrants world wide
    • 40-90% immigrants make up the population of big cities
    • In Australia, 1 in 4 born overseas and 45% marriages that one or both born overseas
    • 61+ million immigrants living in U.S.A.

    To see things beyond visions

    • What I see you v.s. what you see me
    • The world / The world in my eyes
    • Past, present and future; young and old
    • Common and difference. Magnanimous or revenge
    • Self-grow. Trigger a shift of mindset
    • It's the two sides of one coin, Think out of the box.

    To create renovated connection

    • Bring people of same interest together
    • Explore, discover and achieve something small but significant
    • Connect with people. Find out how far a fantastic team work can go
    • Who love to try new things, bring more fun to life, make life more meaningful
  • Accordingly, we have 4 types of meetup

    to bring people together

    1. Genuine dating meet up.

    For single members who are genuinely looking for love. Hosts went through western/eastern, modern/traditional, panel/sports dating methods with you.


    This program is not only about seeking relationship, but also being READY for relationship; not only for finding relationship but also finding HAPPY relationship. 2Cultures Genuine Dating Meetup is to Find and build Genuine and Happy relationship from the first beginning.

    Suit for people who are genuine and confident, who love to try new things and enjoy meeting up with people; who hope to know people better and deeper before starting a one-to-one-date; who hope to encounter love in a Meetup, or who want to build friendship first.


    P.S: couples are welcome to join as hot-seat guests/referees of games/deeper digging naughty questioners.


    Click here to see how to become a Genuine member and what's afterwards.

    2. General meet up.

    For lasting friendship: We are like a big family gathering together do all kind of activities like hiking, basketball, camping, rock-climbing, paintball, pool party, trivia nights, fancy dress, photography day, dine out… If you want to meet new friends, expand social circle, in a young-in-hearts, fun and relaxed environment, this is your group. We are definitely not a drop-and-go group, we are here for lasting friendship.


    We aim to deliver happiness, joy and trustfulness to everyone who attend the meet-up.


    We organize each meet up in small size (10-20) so people can get closer to know each other more that no one is left behind.


    We also apply our General Meet-up team work methods into our Genuine dating Meet-up, one of the best ways to know a person better is through team work within a trust community.


    General and Genuine meetup sometimes will be mixed up in below two types:


    3. Spiritual meet up.

    It’s about all kind of chat, speech, workshop, inspiration and personal development. Majorly in a workshop or panel alike form.


    4. Creative meet up.

    We achieve a certain something together. Either do a short stage drama, to sing one song, play like a band, run team marathon, lose weight program, eating healthy, time management .... A final works show is completed by our team work.

    One of the best ways to know a person better is through team work within a community you trust. It’s all about “bring out the best in you”!


    To join our meet up click here. or scroll down to find your local 2Cultures meet up in below sliding pages.

  • Brisbane, Australia

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    Gold Coast, Australia

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    Sydney, Australia

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    Dallas, U.S.A

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    Allen, U.S.A

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    Tubingen, Germany

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    Beijing, China

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  • Bring out the best in you!

  • How do we organize and the policy

    know more about 2Cultures community

    2Cultures organizer

    Current available in below cities:

    Beijing, China

    Sydney, Australia

    Brisbane, Gold Coast, Australia

    Dallas, Allen, USA

    Tubingen, Germany


    Welcome College or University students major in event management, relationship consulting, mindset, game design, social cultures research etc to join us.


    If you are interested in becoming a 2Cultures meet up organiser in your city, welcome to leave a message below.


    Scroll down to see us in video.


    You can add Coco in Australia and Sara in USA on Facebook.


    See our organizers click here.


    Photos and videos

    For genuine and safe reason:

    All our meet-up is partially photographed and videos recorded, and they are available on all our social media sites. Basically, brief self-introduction and group activities will be recorded. We won't keep private consent.


    Upon participation, you give irrevocable approval to us to have them in various audio and visual media for future use in commercial, instructional and promotional activities. (Please note this is a standard term you can find in photographed or video-recorded workshops, concerts, celebrations, festival and shows etc social activities.)


    On top of above, videos keep beautiful memories for us. And It will also help us with improving appearance. By the end of the day, people do judge by cover.


    click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel.



    Meetup and Facebook

    Click here to join us at meetup.com.


    You agree with and are bound by the terms and conditions of ORGANISER TAKES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR RISKS across all meetup, any loss, damage or inconvenience that may be caused during or as a result (including from the environment and from your own actions), You are solely responsible for your own safety, belongings and other similar means.


    You can also find our events at our Facebook page click here 


    Genuine members can click here to join our Facebook private room by approval,


    Genuine members can access to our private site by approval only after reach 4 times meet-up request.


    General members want to join our Facebook room can click here. Only for members who's been our meetup.


    Rules and disciplines

    General meet-up are for lasting friendship.

    Genuine dating meet-up are for dating, love and relationship.


    To become a Genuine Dating Member you must be legally single.


    Flirting and ambiguous actions are not welcome in general meet up as it's purely for friendship. Please be mature and sensible, keep our air sound.


    Perceiving tacit connections, your warm-hearted local host may ask both of you whether hope to join Genuine Dating Membership to help clarifying intentions, know each other more and join our enhancing relationship progress activities. It is up to you to choose whether to join or not.


    The rule of at-least-4-times-meetup-attended is recommended to Genuine members before contact each other for a date. Please do not breach it. This is to make sure people know you more and vice versa.


    We also have a Genuine-members-only private site which only available to Geuine members to see each other's detailed profiles. Genuine members are able to access it after attended 4 times meetup.


    Thanks for understanding

    Small things show people's authentic personality


    Similar to we have social basic morality, our rules and discipline are our community's social morality. It needs all of us to observe and remind each other, help maintaining a nice community order for everyone happy to stay.


    Bare in mind, it also reflects your own personal morality, your authentic personality. - who you really are. Are you truthful, reliable? Do you respect people and our community?


    We hope everyone come to our meet-up are genuine. All members must abide by our basic rules and meet-up discipline.


  • How do we charge?

    Genuine dating meetup $16 per time (in 2017)

    For non-annual-genuine-dating members who want to join our genuine dating meet-up occasionally.

    It must be prepaid to secure your booking.


    Genuine membership $60 one-off | $120 yearly

    For genuine dating members join in promotion year 2017, it is one-off payment of $60;

    From 2018 it will return to standard $120 annual membership (equal to $10 per month) which is renewed yearly.


    Comparing to online dating charge $200-$400 yearly, speed dating charge $50~100 per time, we charge this small amount because we believe we CAN meet up in real life GENUINELY for true love.. We hope to bring out the best in you,


    Other charges will be noticed in each meetup when necessary like to book a venue, travel etc.


    Scroll below to register Genuine Membership.

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