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❤️❤️How to join Genuine Dating Group

Free to join in 2017

❤️❤️ Join the Genuine Dating Group - Meet the requests and understand how does it work

  • You are single, mature, genuine and well educated.
  • You must have a FB account.
  • You cannot block the organizer/group administrator.
  • The organizer will go through your FB briefly before accept your request.
  • The organizer could refuse your request, for example, FB account looks weird.
  • When you join, add the organizer, and send your answers of below 4 simple questions to create an anonymous single card for you which is available to our websites and all people in the group.
  • Although in the group you are free to contact each other, but we strongly suggest you add people smartly, be sagacious.
  • It's up to you to choose to be "open" or "private". "Open" is to follow up with your own single card so people know who you are and can see your FB file (if you make it open); "Private" is that people can only contact you via organiser, and you will see the card of who wants to know you and decide if to go on
  • You take full responsibility of all your own online and related offline activities.
  • Consider your manners. Organizer could remove you with no notice
  • You membership ends when you left the group.
  • Click here to add organizer as start: Coco in Australia and Sara in USA on Facebook.

Send your answers of below 4 simple questions to the organiser as a request to join the group

  • Height:
  • Career:
  • Interests:
  • My idea relationship:

We are looking forward to seeing your status changing to "in a relationship"! 😄🌹🌹💃❤️❤️

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