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The Policy and How do we organize

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2Cultures organizers

Welcome College or University students major in event management, relationship consulting, mindset, game design, social cultures research etc to join us.

If you are interested in becoming a 2Cultures meet up organizer in your city, welcome to leave a message below.


Photos and videos

Video recording is one of our big features.

All our meet-up is partially photographed and videos recorded, and they are available on all our social media sites. Basically, brief self-introduction and group activities will be recorded. We won't keep private consent.

Upon participation, you give irrevocable approval to us to have them in various audio and visual media for future use in commercial, instructional and promotional activities. (Please note this is a standard term you can find in photographed or video-recorded workshops, concerts, celebrations, festival and shows etc social activities.)

On top of above, videos keep beautiful memories for us. It is your natural genuine declarer. And It will also help us with improving appearance. By the end of the day, people do judge by cover.

click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Meetup and Facebook

You agree with and are bound by the terms and conditions of ORGANIZER TAKES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR RISKS across all meetup, related online chat room, group or page, any loss, damage or inconvenience that may be caused during or as a result (including from the environment and from your own actions), You are solely responsible for your own safety, belongings and other similar means.

Click here to join us at, and you can find our Facebook chat room from there.

Rules and disciplines


General meet-up are for lasting friendship.

Genuine dating meet-up are for dating, love and relationship.

To become a Genuine Dating Member you must be legally single.

Flirting and ambiguous actions are not welcome in general meet up as it's purely for friendship. Please be mature and sensible, keep our air sound.

Perceiving tacit connections, your warm-heart local host may ask both of you whether hope to join Genuine Dating Group to help clarifying intentions, know each other more and join our enhancing relationship progress activities. It is up to you to choose whether to join or not.

The rule of at-least-4-times-meetup-attended is recommended to Genuine members before contact each other for a date. Please do not breach it. This is to make sure people know you more and vice versa.

Our Genuine Dating Group is a private site on Facebook, which only available to members to see each others detailed profiles. You must reach the request as stated above. Contact organizer to fill and create your "card", then you will be added into the group. Please read the group information carefully.

Thanks for understanding

Small things show people's authentic personality

Similar to we have social basic morality, our rules and discipline are our community's social morality. It needs all of us to observe and remind each other, help maintaining a nice community order for everyone happy to stay.

Bare in mind, it also reflects your own personal morality, your authentic personality. - who you really are. Are you truthful, reliable? Do you respect people and our community?

We hope everyone come to our meet-up are genuine, bright and light.

All members must abide by our basic rules and meet-up discipline.

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