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What's the advantage of joining Genuine Dating Meetup?

1. It clearly divid people's intention

Who are interested in finding a date, a relationship are all in our Genuine Meetup. It is weird and NOT genuine if you do this in our friendship only General Meetup.

2. Slow down for goodness

Starting from friendship gives us more time and chance to know someone before make things seriously. This avoid embarrassments and keep our friendship going.

3. Deeper and no offensive!

As we all genuinely expressed our intention so in meetup we use various methods to match: some are for fun, some are to dig deeper, all in kind directions to know more of each other.

4. Efficient and directly

As we are all are on the same page, it gives us targeted social background. Through various group activities and team work, we know each other in all aspects efficiently and directly.

5. It brings out good personality.

With our established social order in place applying to all members in our group and meet up, nobody wants to make things ugly. In return we learnt how to deal with people different from us, be nice, be understandable, be elegant, be a lady and gentleman.

6. Lasting friendship

We are bsolutely NOT drop-and-go meet-up! Couples are welcome to join or continue to stay to share experience, help with other singles in seeking and digging - like to do game referee, be hot-seat guests, be naughty questioners. Developing relationships skills and enhancing happy marriage are also part of what we do.

7. More keen, genuine and commitment

The last but not least is it brings people together who are truly committed and genuine. Our membership fee and video records filtering and distinguishing people at the first beginning so that we only have people on the same page on board!

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